10th Anniversary Special Edition | The Keeper

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

Celebrating My 10th Anniversary as a Professional Artist with "The Keeper"

The Keeper | 30″ x 48″ | $2,500. 

There was something profoundly magical about walking these trails at Bear Creek, Colorado. These T R E E S. The fresh greens were intoxicating and the tree spirits were so present, they left me weeping. Even now, as I gaze upon the images I captured with my camera, I am left longing for their whispers to heal those hidden places within. To be seen. To be heard. To be loved.

Nature holds my grief, my sorrow, my fears and gives me back a wealth of inspiration for creative expression. When I walk into a forest, I give my whole self. I show up just as I am with open arms. And when I walk out, my soul is transformed and deeply rooted in my path. I owe my awakening to The Keeper.

If I hadn’t connected to the forest in the way that I did when I was younger, I may not have had the space for deep contemplation. A place where I imagined dreams and danced with visions. This is where I discovered me and found myself longing to paint what I felt here in the woods. I feel blessed and privileged to have a career in the arts. It’s not an easy one and it certainly comes with many challenges and hard work. I can’t imagine my life without my paint brushes to express my emotions and feelings with boldness and colour. To live a life without, would deny my soul eternal grace.

The Keeper is witness to your shadowy humanness. The trees and trails welcome you. They invite you in and offer restoration and renew of self, without expecting anything in return. They are there to witness and offer you a safe space, a place to unravel, heal and be free of anything that is holding you down and keeping you small. The Keeper is kind and forgiving. They see you. They love you. Whenever you feel lost, The Keeper will always know where you are.

From my healing heart to yours,
I see you.


PS. – If ‘The Keeper’ speaks to you, it can be yours. Contact Susan directly hello@susanseitz.com or through her Contact Form “Purchase Here” Online.