Local Artist Susan Seitz Announces Release of her September 2020 Painting “Light Within”

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

Light Within 36" x 36"

There is something spectacular about standing before a colony of aspens, with your eyes closed, feeling the warmth of the sun shinning through the tree tops and listening to the sounds of the bright fall leaves, trembling in the wind.

dense as the forest is
the light on the leaves attract me
draws me in
calls my name
as if she knows me
knows my untold story
my hiccup of a song
my toe tapping trip of a dance
and it is there
where she sees me
my awkwardness
my unseen glory

and it is there
where I see
all of her brightness
within this canopy of dark
I see her

and every year we stand
stand before
the cool winds of autumn
in stillness
together tranced
within a glance
into this glorious wonderment of light
the light within
shining brighter
than ever

It is with great pride I share with you September’s Painting, “Light Within”. It is my hope that Light Within will remind you that even when standing in darkness, we can stand still and tall before it all, and find the light within, shining brighter than ever before.

Be Love
Be the Light

Yours in CReATiVe Spirit,


“Light Within”

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