2020 Collection | 10th Anniversary Series

Stand Still The Trees Know Where You Are

by Canadian Artist Susan Seitz

In celebration of Susan Seitz 10th anniversary as a professional Canadian artist, she is creating a collection of 10 paintings titled, “Stand Still The Trees Know Where You Are” with a donation from each sale going toward local charities that promote mental health initiatives and support.

“In times of uncertainty and in the lostness of it all, I find comfort in knowing no matter how dark  and disoriented my inner world feels, the trees always know where I am.

Mystical is one way I would describe these sentient beings, with the ability to heal and wash away everyday troubles of the world.  Think about the way they (trees, the woodlands, the forest) invite you into their space.  How they call out your name when you are walking along a path.  The lessons they teach us as they dance with changes in every season.  Even the way they hold you when you rest upon the roots of their existence or dangle from their limbs while playing, trees have always been a cradle upon which I could rest my weary soul.

My own personal healing journey has always included a deep connection to Mother Earth.  I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 10th anniversary as a professional artist, then to paint a collection of trees.  Trees that have spoken to me over the years.  The ones where we have exchanged an intimate moment together, or have been my muse in a life lesson, or have healed my heart. These trees are deserving of my creative focus to pay homage to their greatness.  I am so excited to dedicate my time in my studio over the next several months and witness these creations come to life!

To honour my growth and journey as an artist and the challenges that I have faced, I am excited to donate $100 from each sale towards local charities that promote Mental Health initiatives and support.

It is my hope that this collection will become a visual connection to your own healing potential and offer a place to rest and provide reassurance that you are not alone in this, and to provide an awareness that even in times of feeling lost, the trees know where you are. “

Yours in natural light,


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Have a look at the series below and contact me directly if you are interested in one that hasn’t been sold yet. 

April 2020 | We Belong

SIZE: 48″ x 48″

PRICE: $1,000

Description: SOLD: “We Belong” was inspired while hiking The Crack trail in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario Canada. When we reached the top of our climb, the image of this birch tree growing up through the white quartzite rocks, immediately caught my attention. A wave of emotion and energy surged through me. “We Belong”, instantly emerged. Thoughts of this land and the Native Heritage and the struggles that I can’t even conceive, haunted my mind. A lot of what I was feeling didn’t have words, but the powerful image of this resilient tree making its way through the rocks, to be seen, to be heard. I just knew it had to be painted!"


May 2020 | Mothers Resilience

SIZE: 24" x 48"

PRICE: $1,000

Description: SOLD: "This tree was ready to bloom, regardless of what was about to be thrown at her. She bared the weight of the storm and found the power within, to stand tall and be all that she was capable of being. Her characteristics remind me of so many women, so many Mothers, who remarkably find their way through difficult times." Susan Seitz | Read the Full Story About How ' Mothers Resilience' Came to be on my latest blogpost. https://susanseitz.com/may-2020-release-mothers-resilience/


June 2020 | Wild Heart

SIZE: 36in x 36in

PRICE: $1,000

Description: SOLD: "Hiking in nature has always been my go to for balance and grounding and finding inner peace. I remember having a feeling of hopelessness and longing when I walked by this beauty. There before me, two trees growing together in the wild, supporting each other as if they were one. I couldn’t take my eyes off this untamed landscape. It was like I was seeing myself with my arms around me, giving and receiving this giant hug! I could feel it. I was open to receive." Susan Seitz | READ MORE and see a VIDEO of Susan's creative process painting this beauty in her blogpost https://susanseitz.com/2020-collection-june-wild-heart/


The Keeper | 10th Anniversary Special Edition

SIZE: 30in x 48in


Description: SOLD: Original Acrylic Landscape Painting: The Keeper is witness to your shadowy humanness. The trees and trails welcome you. When I walk into a forest, I give my whole self. I show up just as I am with open arms. And when I walk out, my soul is transformed and deeply rooted in my path. I owe my awakening to The Keeper. If I hadn’t connected to the forest in the way that I did when I was younger, I may not have had the space for deep contemplation. A place where I imagined dreams and danced with visions. This is where I discovered me and found myself longing to paint what I felt here in the woods. I feel blessed and privileged to have a career in the arts. It’s not an easy one and it certainly comes with many challenges and hard work. I can’t imagine my life without my paint brushes to express my emotions and feelings with boldness and colour. To live a life without, would deny my soul eternal grace. Read the FULL STORY about "The Keeper" in her MUSINGS by Susan (ABOUT SECTION).


July 2020 | Transitioning | Acrylic Painting on Canvas. Click Image for Larger View

SIZE: 36in x 72in

PRICE: $3,000.

Description: SOLD: The magic begins when we let go of the expectation or try to control the ending. This 36x72 canvas was inspired by driftwood found along the shores of Lake Huron. I have often wondered about the life these trees once had and how it is that they have found their way home to a sandy beach. The strength in these pieces of wood are still felt but with its edges smoothed by their journey in life & beyond.


Aug 2020 | The Giving Tree

SIZE: 30in x 48in

PRICE: $2000.

Description: SOLD: Found along a country roadside of Bruce County, wild apple trees grow with cedar post fencing running alongside. You can smell the wind whipping through the leaves sending soft whispers to those who wish to receive. This impressionistic painting of a row of wild apple trees was inspired from a photo I took a few years ago. The Apple Tree reminds me to be wild and free in my own offerings to this world. Sharing what I can, sprinkling healing & joy wherever I go and add a dash of playfulness, even when the world throws a pandemic at you. One apple seed holds so much potential. Let us not forget that the same can be found within ourselves.


Sep 2020 | Light Within Original Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 36 in x 36 in

PRICE: $2000.00

Description: "It is with great pride I share with you September’s Painting, “Light Within”. It is my hope that Light Within will remind you that even when standing in darkness, we can stand still and tall before it all, and find the light within, shining brighter than ever before." READ MORE https://susanseitz.com/2020-collection-sept-light-within/


Oct 2020 | Kissing Earth Original Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 30 in x 40 in

PRICE: $2500.

Description: SOLD: "Kissing Earth" (click on image to see larger size) - When the leaves begin to fall and we let go of what we thought we needed to hold on to, a transforming movement begins within a space. And within that space, we get to celebrate all that we have done and look forward to the deep rest ahead so that the journey can begin again.


Nov 2020 | Standing With You | Original Acrylic Painting

SIZE: 30 x 48 in

PRICE: $2500

Description: SOLD: “Standing With You” was created with loose, soft, freeing brush strokes with no worries, no attachments or forcing them to connect on canvas in a certain way. It reminds me of the freedom I feel when I am biking through the forest. No expectations, nothing holding me back, feeling the absolute freedom of the ride, which allows healing and breathing room for uncertainty.


Final Painting of Susan Seitz 2020 Collection | December 2020 | BELIEVE

SIZE: 36 in x 36 in

PRICE: $2500

Description: SOLD: Believe! There is a soft whisper among the forest greens, That echoes far and wide, Encouraging the connections of others to gather, And sit a little while. The morning sun offers anticipation of hope, As the light begins to shine, Twinkling in the depths of darkness, Sharing this heart of mine. December holds this threshold crossing, A place where transition lives, Letting go of once was in our past, To embrace the present that is. Reflections and balance, The Yin and the Yang, Mother Earth is gifting her way ... Read Full Poem


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