Final Original Painting of Susan Seitz 2020 Collection | December 2020 | BELIEVE

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

BELIEVE | December 2020

Editors Note:  It has been an absolute pleasure watching Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz work through this crazy year of 2020, pandemic and all.  Interestingly, her 2020 Collection “Stand Still the Trees Know Where You Are” became more and more relevant as the year progressed. Her insightful paintings conveyed struggle, overcoming, sadness, happiness, reality, imagination and selling out the entire collection allowed her to support mental health awareness with her donations to the wellness and emotional support youth group, WES for Youth Online.  Susan I applaud you, and thank you for your persistence to make this 2020 Collection come to life.   What a wonderful body of work you have brought to life, for each of your collectors who purchased them and to those of us who follow you admirably.  It is appropriate this final painting in your sold out 2020 Collection, is titled Believe.  Congratulations and continued success! Deborah Clarke.


by Susan Seitz
There is a soft whisper among the forest greens
That echoes far and wide
Encouraging the connections of others to gather
And sit a little while
The morning sun offers anticipation of hope
As the light begins to shine
Twinkling in the depths of darkness
Sharing this heart of mine
December holds this threshold crossing
A place where transition lives
Letting go of once was in our past
To embrace the present that is
Reflections and balance
The Yin and the Yang
Mother Earth is gifting her way
Believe dear ones
Believe, say the trees
You are the sun, the moon and the rain
And so the whisper quiets the mind
And settles the questioning heart
Just Be, be here with me
It IS these glorious moments that count
I believe in Mother Nature
I believe in magical trees
I believe in the spirit of giving
And I believe in the song of me
I believe in green forests
I believe in whispering winds
I believe in the healing possibilities
And I believe in the helping hand
So rise sweet sun of transition
Rise to this new day
Then pine, swayed one last time
With truth as deep as her roots
You, my dear, remember my heart
You have always, always been mine
susan seitz – december 2020 – Believe 
2020 Collection | Stand Still The Trees Know Where You Are

A Work in Progress - 9 Stages

Believe | December 2020

December 2020 Collection