Local Artist Susan Seitz Reveals Her 2020 November Painting “Standing With You”

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

Standing With You

There is a trail nearby where I bike and every time I pass through the canopy of the pine forest, I can’t help but stop … take a breath, and feel like I am home.

2020Nov Artist TREES HIKING
2020 November SUSAN SEITZ ARTIST in the trees

There is something about seeing the tree branches reaching out to one another as far as the eye can see. The forest is dense, and yet somehow, light finds its way in, touches the branches and illuminates a pattern, a calming rhythm and a knowing that they sense your presence and I theirs.

In this darkness, the branches reach out to connect with one another and I feel they are doing the same with me. Creating a community gathering where I feel safe, I feel held and I feel loved.

STANDING WITH YOU | 30″ x 48″ | $2500.00

“Standing With You” was created with loose, soft, freeing brush strokes with no worries, no attachments or forcing them to connect on canvas in a certain way. It reminds me of the freedom I feel when I am biking through the forest. No expectations, nothing holding me back, feeling the absolute freedom of the ride, which allows healing and breathing room for uncertainty.

My Inspiration

My Masterpiece Standing With You

May “Standing With You” remind you of your own freedom to stand with your community and may you feel their branches extending to bring you comfort in your time of need.

And remember, when you feel lost – stand still in the canopy of a pine forest and know – the trees know where you are. And if you show up, they will stand with you for as long as you need them to. They are simply graceful & loving that way.

I see you.

I hear you.

And you are so loved.

Standing with you in these uncertain times,


“Standing With You”
30″ x 48″

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