Local Artist Susan Seitz Reveals Her 2020 October Painting “Kissing Earth”

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

Kissing Earth

I am so proud of this new release for October 2020, “Kissing Earth”
Original Acrylic Painting | 30″ x 40″ | $2500.

When the leaves begin to fall and we let go of what we thought we needed to hold on to, a transforming movement begins within a space.  And within that space, we get to celebrate all that we have done and look forward to the deep rest ahead so that the journey can begin again.


This painting oozes aliveness and I find it curious that many believe when seeing the Autumn leaves fall, it creates an appearance of doneness, emptiness or loneliness.  I personally see a celebration of a life well lived and as a final gesture, the leaves fall ~ kiss the earth ~ and give thanks for its Mother who gave it a life filled with nature & nurture and all the experiences along the way.  The end is only the beginning.  And beginnings are filled with possibilities.

The Process

Giving Up is NOT an Option – Letting Go Is

The tree for October was chosen a long time ago, and I was so looking forward to the creation of this piece.  The week before I started painting, I was channelling the essence of what it was I wanted to create.  I had a photo of a beautiful tree I captured on one of my morning walks along the countryside of Bruce County.  The picture was taken in September, so the leaves were green.  My vision included the leaves turning like fall colours and I had already come up with a title of this piece, Kissing Earth – representing the leaves falling to the earth and kissing the bed in which they lay.

There were a lot of emotional struggles in October.  I often wonder how I channel my life experiences into my paintings.  Or if the act of painting is what releases that energy.  Whatever the case, the dance that unfolds has a way of weaving in and out of every brush stroke.  

My approach to painting is different every time.  Sometimes I stay true to the photo reference and other times it is more of an intuitive approach and the piece is completed within a container of magical wonder.  Kissing Earth was one of those magical moments.

This painting transformed many times as the layers arrived.  Never judging and giving myself permission to trust the process.  The first Friday of the month reveal very quickly became the last Friday reveal, and I was okay with that.  I was even so close to saying “this painting just isn’t meant to be”, and I was going to be okay with that too.  Darkness came and I struggled with the last several layers.  Not so much struggle with getting the paint on, but struggled with how many times it was transforming.  Why did it have to go through so many faces?  The painting felt like it was good, I could stop and call it finished, but the artist in me said no, that I had to continue.  

This was indeed the struggle.  With little to no energy to balance my current life situation, how is it that I was going to find the energy to complete this painting?  I would sit at my kitchen table staring across the room into my studio at Kissing Earth … and the communication was so loud in my head, I couldn’t ignore it.  72 hours prior to my reveal, and the painting insisted on transforming One More TIME!  

Giving Up Is Not An Option ... LETTING GO is!

I made my first mark.  A circular shape within the leaves.  I made a second and third.  I was thinking to myself, seriously … what are you doing?  This is going to send you down a path you’ve never gone before?  How are you going to recover from this?  So much noise, so much holding back.  So much fear!  I was texting my dear friend Lori at the time, when I was right at the brink of insanity.  What is Happening???  Why do I need to go in a totally different direction when the one I am on is perfectly fine!!!  As I typed a message to her of not knowing why the circles needed to appear and feeling this deep compelling need to do so, the answers came to me.  

The circles want to be there.  You need to paint the circles.  

My anxiety was through the roof.  I felt like I was on the edge of a cliff, not knowing what was coming.

And then it happened.  

“Giving Up is not an option. Letting GO is.”

I stood up from my kitchen table.  I calmly entered my studio.  Took my painting and set her upon the colour drenched table covering.  I was really close to her.  With slow movements, my brush swirled around the paint tray and one by one, these beautiful orbs were placed.  I had no plan.  There was no vision.  My entire body became so calm and deeply present.  

Touching each leaf with the tip of my brush was like saying, 

“I see you – its okay to let go now.”  

I made a choice to sit in the midst of chaos, and by doing so, the chaos softened and the gems before me appeared.  

There in my studio.  Sitting with all the darkness and uncomfortableness of life.  Allowing it to be there, with me and my paint brush.  With no need for anything other than being fully present.  It was that moment I truly let go.  I relaxed enough to finally see that the beauty of this piece was already there.  She was just waiting for me to show up and be present with where she was at, instead of me resisting the natural direction it needed to go.

Giving up is not an option.  Letting go is.  I couldn’t be more proud of something that I have created, than I am of this one.  Kissing Earth is a reflection of my journey.  She has taught me so much and has given me so much.  In the end, it became this no hurry to resolve and patience and kindness to self was given.  All in good timing, the most beautiful moments are the ones that happen just before you let go.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!  (she squeals with such delight!!!)

I stayed up past midnight to allow each circle to find its way.  Yesterday morning I woke up early, as I wanted to give the painting one more look with fresh eyes before calling her finished.  There were about 5 or so brush strokes that were needed and it felt so good to feel her completion.  I went back to the kitchen table to look at her one more time from afar – sitting there on my easel.  And it happened again.  I was compelled to turn this painting upside down … and there she was!

Kissing Earth appeared in grande fashion!

The painting up right was filled with leaves falling.  The circles placed around them gives a sense that each individual leaf was releasing from the tree.  Turning it upside down, the tree takes on a new meaning.  The roots appear strong and secure and the leaves turn into orbs – the ancestors of life, laying upon the earth in celebration of once was.  I cried in awe of the glory this painting holds.  This one truly ended with a burst of ah-mazingness! 

I personally think it would be a hoot to attach the frame to a lazy Susan (funny little name isn’t it!  LOL), and hang it with the ability to rotate the painting for all to see!  I will leave that decision to the owner of this piece and let them inform the way it should be hung.

2020 October Kissing Earth on Display
2020 October Kissing Earth upside down in room

So here she is folks!  All of her glory … waiting to find her new home and inspire all those who look upon her.  

Kissing Earth, I love you so.  Thank you for your teachings and for never giving up on me.

Blessings from my heart,


“Kissing Earth”

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