2021 Collection – 1st Three Paintings Revealed

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

Musings from My Studio

Dear hearts,

I stood there in the gallery on Saturday talking to Chelsea the gallery manager, Brent & his Mom and in mid sentence I stopped – looked across the room at my collection and whispered “holy shit … these really do look amazing!”

I don’t know exactly why its been difficult for me to recognize my accomplishments, but I think I’m getting closer to understanding it.

To be able to “feel” those paintings calling out to me, to notice – to be seen, may be an indication that my process allowed me to unveil a few layers.

I am so proud to share with you the first 3 paintings in my 15 painting collection.

Thank you for witnessing me. And if you get a chance to stand in the middle of the gallery to look and see the collection in its entirety, you won’t be disappointed.

And you just may have an opportunity to look into your own soul and find a story that wants to be shared & seen.

Much love,

Southampton Arts Centre
519 797 5068

Stand By Me
36" x 48"

Photo Inspiration …
The photo reference to this painting was taken in the winter and the image was stunning. All the trees around this massive maple, including the branches, were covered in white snow. Everything looked as if it wasn’t really there, except the trunk.
This made me curious about other things we can’t see and how it requires faith to believe, just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Studio Reflections …
Stand alone tree – surrounded by so many, you just can’t see them.
They appear not to be there.
Loose – free the grief – movement in the brush work. Feeling the movement within.
When I feel stuck, I move into another story. Keep the dance moving gives the illusion I’m not stuck. However, curious if the same “stuckness” will be there after I move to another and come back to this one.
Stand alone tree

Unseen support

Individual Grief
Grieving unseen unlived unfulfilled relationships
Grieving unseen unlived unfulfilled love
Grieving for community
Grieving loss for our world, the earth, our community


The warm soft layers touched my heart as I washed thin, transparent layers creating a depth and beauty that feels comforting.

Strong presence. I am here. We are one.

Together – we are one.

This Heart of Mine
36" x 30"
$1500.00 [SOLD]

Photo Inspiration …
while walking along the shores of Lake Huron this spring, I came across a heart shape stone in the waters edge where the spring run off was washing over it, heading out towards the bright lite sky.



Studio Reflections …
Stone in water – calm – this heart of mine – stuck – nestled in the sand.
Heart stone rock – Rockstar – Washing waves – Washing over – Washing flowing flow over – Sand softness – light the light – Towards the open sky – Wash away my heart souls pain – I love you


I want to lay
Like the stone in the sand
Nestled in
In the comforts of Sienna swirls

I want the waters
Washing over and around
Mending the longing

I want to lay
By the waters edge
In the softness of the still


I want to lay
Where the water flows
Healing the strain
Of my heart

I want to lay
In the open land
And drift
Like softness
Towards something

I want to be
Still as the rock
Until its time
I’m Ready

Between The Lines
40" x 30"

Photo Inspiration …
I was driving down a side road in Bruce County while the sun was setting and this image of a sun beaming through the trees caught my eye. It was beautiful! The sun was setting behind many branches and there was a reflection of light in the middle following the spring run off. This scene reminded me of stain glass and all the pieces coming together.

Studio Reflections …
The light in the darkness
In between – there is light
Mending grief
Many layers

Fighting to get through the branches / obstacles


Many pieces come together like stain glass

Light shines through

Bringing pieces back together to be whole again? Never whole again – but together – together within reach, our pieces come together but never the same.

Memories are found within these spaces of coming together

These Spaces are filled with hope

Between these lines … there is love

We can always


Find hope



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