Art Journaling Saved my Life

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

It may have been the silly prose and short stories reflecting from the curious journal prompts or perhaps the forgiving layers of the unstructured magazine cut outs …  layering colourful whimsical paint markings, topped with decorative scribbles from gel pens, or the simple gathering of like minded women supporting each other. 

Whatever it was … I know without a doubt … Art Journaling saved my life during the lockdown.

2 years ago, out of pure desperation, I transformed my creative in person offerings into private live zoom classes where women would gather ~ share their stories ~ be inspired and feel a sense of connection through journal prompts and creative lessons that we call Art Journaling with Susan Seitz.

Art, which is collaging magazines & adding creative simple sketches and doodles and a few whimsical brush strokes of colour.  

Journaling, which is really silly prose, short stories and stringing sweet sounding words together and calling it poetry.  

These live interactive lessons have now become an activity that many enjoy repeating each season of the year.


Ask Me About An Upcoming Workshop!

“Yes!  I’m interested in attending (or hosting) a Creative Art Journaling Class. “

Great!  We explore different themes in each class, tell me what you are interested in.

  • Tree of Life,
  • Discover your Inner Goddess Warrior,
  • Explore the Book Titles of Your Life,
  • Forest Fairies,
  • Travel to your Favourite Place in the World,
  • How to paint Abstract Trees and more!


Tell me in the message space below what intrigues you most and if you are interested in attending a class, (in-person or zoom); or if you’d like to host a class with some friends. 



Creativity allows you to find flow ~ which allows for an opportunity to lose track of time, relax into the moment and find a place for play & healing.

I Art Journaled my way home
Home to centre
Where I found my resting place
To breathe
To settle in
Just for a moment
So I could begin again

“I still can’t put into words how cool my experience was sharing with a bunch of really amazing women in Susan’s Art Journaling course! This Susan Seitz gal has some magic about her that just brings about so much joy and connection! Both to self and others … 10/10 recommend!”
Jodie Goetz/Art Journaling Student

Come and join our Circle! You deserve a creative hug today.