Expressive Arts Workshops and Camps. Now Back In-Person with Susan Seitz!

Susan’s Expressive Arts Workshops have always been an invitation to commune with your creativity, self-reflection and soul.
Susan facilitates a safe space for you to slow down and enjoy the creative process. A strong believer in the healing power of art,
Susan creates opportunities for participants to listen to their inner knowings and express themselves through their art.

Never has there been a more important time to embrace the healing power of art.

You are certain to be appreciated and you will be empowered by this creative experience.

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New Levels of Self-Expression and Understanding
with Susan Seitz Live!
YES! We are Back In-Person in 2022.

Remember When Classes and Camps Were Held In Person?
We're BACK in 2022! Let's Have Some Summer Fun.

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Consider gifting ‘a LIVE Art Class Experience’ this year.  These classes promote healing, self discovery, self love and feeling accomplished. Join us for friendship, or for simply something fun to do and share!

If you select “A Class – With a Group of Friends” be sure to give me the date and the name of the Group you are joining!

Susan Seitz facilitated my expressive arts experience with care and grace. It was the most gentle “therapy” session I have ever encountered and one of the most powerful.