Within Darkness Only Light

30" x 40" | $2000 | Original | Acrylic on Canvas

Studio Reflections …
Let the gems shine through!
Where there is darkness – only light
Layers upon layers
It was nice – then it was not so nice
Light and colour came in, then I would pour a layer that mudded the colours. I had to
sit with the struggle of trying to make it something it wasn’t. Until I saw the little gems
glowing through. It was then that I focused on the tiniest of sparkle and brought them
forth on the canvas – to cherish and hold close to my heart.
Reminded of 2 different worlds
The one “underneath it all” is layers of darkness – repeat – confusion
And above is “everything in its place” – pieced together like a puzzle
“Should fit together”

On the surface bright & cheery – below confused – trying to figure it out
Layer after layer – try this – try that – no not working! Try and try again!
To be witnessed is to invite healing into the heart
When we let go & give in to the light, good things come
Be with it all
Allow what needs to happen
Don’t hold back
The top invited texture from the bottom and together they became whole
Let the shine push throughDon’t let the darkness dim your light
Be one with it all
Just Be.

Shadows Gallery Show | Southampton Arts Centre

June 14 - July 4, 2021

“Shadows” is two separate bodies of work showing at once at Southampton Arts ~ “Up Close and Personal | A Healing Journey through Grief” by Susan Seitz (Walkerton) and “Come and See | Culture Oppressed” by Brent Henry (Saugeen #29).

For More Information Contact Southampton Arts Centre Website HERE or Call 519 599 5068

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