Local Artist, Susan Seitz Announces July Release | 2020 Collection | Stand Still The Trees Know Where You Are

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz


Transitioning | 36 ” x  72″ | $3,000.

This is the July Release of My 2020 Collection

The magic begins when we let go of the expectation or try to control the ending.

This 36×72 canvas was inspired by driftwood found along the shores of Lake Huron. I have often wondered about the life these trees once had and how it is that they have found their way home to a sandy beach. The strength in these pieces of wood are still felt but with its edges smoothed by their journey in life & beyond.

The initial plan for this painting was to have a very up close & personal look at the details found in driftwood, but during the process of this piece, it became very evident that this painting had a life of its own and persisted to be expressed in a more pulsating, vibrant way. The line work unfolded and broke through the barriers of form as if a collage of many pieces of wood gathered. Orbs began to appear throughout the painting and the line work resembled the life force that is found deep within.

Driftwood connects me to the cycle of life and there is a very special place on this canvas where one of these forms were transitioning. During this unfolding, the ancestors gathered and surrounded this very special one with so much love and respect for all that it had given to this earth. The Divine holds us in her arms – and it is here, where we connect deeply to our roots knowing we are so very blessed, allowing the passage of our time here on earth to go peacefully with grace, finding a place to land on that sandy beach … our forever home.

Love & light,