New Beginnings In Times of Darkness

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

It's in this reflection I take a breath

If I were to turn the calendar back six months ago, you would see an artist contemplating life, feeling so many feels, and uncertain about the direction she wanted to take.

Her grieving heart was heavy.

Her Mind was overwhelmed with decision making.

And her Soul ached for a safe place to rest and renew.

This is when some big decisions were made:

  1. to invest time and money into a new website that would best serve my circle, and
  2. dream up a theme for a new body of work to honour my 10th Anniversary as a professional artist.


This is when “Stand Still the Trees Know Where You Are” was birthed as the title of my 2020 Collection. I was excited to throw myself into the creative process of this new focus.

Fast forward 6 months.

My Heart was brave and found courage in my first International Retreat. It was such an empowering experience for everyone!

My mind followed my heart and trusted the timely schedule that was unfolding. And my Soul slipped into a safe space of knowing that I was beginning a healing journey in my painting Studio. I finally felt I was getting somewhere. My world was settling for the first time in a long time, and I was excited about launching my new vision with leadership & confidence … and then, the unthinkable happened.

The World stopped, and a blanket of fear & grief descended.

How does someone express excitement when her heart is so sad? How can I possibly be marketing a new art collection when there is so much uncertainty & pain in our world right now? Do I hold back and just let time pass? Do I disappear into the unknown and pretend my new creations never existed?

I often sit in nature to seek guidance. I am reminded how the tree blossoms came last spring and the following day a snow storm covered their brilliance. And still, the blossoms bloomed. Memories of tiny seeds that found their way into the cracks of rocks and cement walkways in the midst of harshness, shines light on divine timing. Knowing these flowers shared their joyful colours, regardless of their impossible surroundings, inspired me.

It is in this reflection I take


B r e a t h

And it is within this breath that I relax with an understanding.

An understanding of who I am as a human. As a creator. To be so freaking grateful that I can express in times like these.

Not only that I can express, but that I must.

My soul needs to express through movement of colour, just as much as my lungs need to inhale oxygen.

And its through this expression where I find resolve & a sense of hope, that somehow, we are going to come out of this insanity. And on the other side we will find healing.

I pause in breath, and with a comforting presence, spirit takes my hand and whispers ...

"Susan. It is in you to create. Allow all those feels to come forth and dance on the canvas before you. As with the blossoms and flowers, you too were born to celebrate in this God given moment, despite these unsettled days. It is your time. It is your time to burst with colour. The World needs your JoY. The World needs you to be you and to share that gift that you so love to do."

... Spirit Takes My Hand and Whispers

So with that little nudge of encouragement, without the bells & whistles (because who really needs that when you are wearing a pink tutu), I present you, Canadian Artist, Creativity Coach, Intuitive Teacher, Susan Seitz. A new website that will continue to evolve and grow with the Spirit of Healing through the Arts.

And the unveiling of my 2020 Art Collection “Stand Still the Trees Know Where You Are.”

This is who I am in this moment. And I am so grateful you are walking this journey with me.

Some days are hard.  And then some days you wake up feeling like a badass CReATiVe Rockstar and remember what makes your soul sing.  And even more so, knowing that when your soul sings, it gives others permission to follow along, in one big Gorgeous Melody!

Its time to bloom Susan, that beautiful imperfectly perfect blossom.
Its time.

Holding hands & singing ~ We are in this Together,

Susan ♡

To All workers who serve our communities & keep us healthy, we see you. We thank you.

A Special Thank you!

It is with Joy filled gratitude that I share with you two very special humans that made my website possible.

First of all, to Deborah Clarke. You are my Earth Angel! You brought knowledge & wisdom to the table. Your creative ideas danced with mine. You encouraged and supported when I wasn’t sure. And you rallied when I no longer believed all of this was possible. Words cannot express my deep thankfulness I have for walking this journey with me. You have given your heart & soul and have made my passionate vision, your own. You are a gift to me and I could not have done this without you. Thank you

And to our second partner in creativity, Becky Nethery. When you are ready to receive, the Universe brings your Sisterhood together! Becky, you may never know how you saved my life, with your willingness to show up, to listen, to see me, to understand my journey and help share that story in a lovely layout of words. You are talented beyond measure and a gift to my soul. Thank you so much for believing in me and giving so much of your time in breathing life into my website. I will always be forever grateful. Thank you


All of YOU ~ My circle, my kindreds, my loves. What would I do with out my Community supporting me on this creative journey. For encouraging me to be the best version of myself. For celebrating and honouring who I am through purchasing a Susan Seitz original. For attending a workshop or retreat, for believing in me and gifting me time with your Children to encourage and inspire. You are all so incredible! My heart feels so much love & gratitude.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


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