The Healing Power of Asking Small Questions

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

The Healing Power of Asking Small Questions

NOTE:  I wrote this blogpost originally on April 1, 2014.  Six years ago.  Given the crazy times we are living today, and the importance of attempting to control our anxiety about what is ahead this post seemed worth republishing here on my new website. I hope you enjoy it and find some light in it.  Susan.

small steps . . .

Our minds are fascinating tools.  In Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, we teach the power of small steps and certainly small questions hold that  special key to unlocking the answers!  Just asking a small question is absolutely enough.

This morning I wrote in my REMINDER JOURNAL ~

“What IS one small trivial step towards healing my Heart?”  and then of course … I closed my book and set it aside … did some homework on the computer … did some dishes … and then about a 1/2 hour later I found myself unexpectedly sitting in a hot tub of water … crying.  It wasn’t till that moment that I realized I naturally moved towards an answer to my question.  In my state of sadness … my mind took over after I asked the small question and worked towards finding the answer.  It was so beautiful witness!  And I’m very grateful for the Awareness!  The hot water was soothing … the crying was healing … and this experience definitely revealed a small step towards my heart healing.  So I noticed without judgement ~ without trying to make it more than it was ~ without the need to fix anything.  I just allowed the body to do what it needed.

It didn’t stop there … again … I wasn’t looking for more ~ but when I returned downstairs and after taking a phone call, I found myself putting on my Salsa Dancing music and I was dancing around the kitchen!  There wasn’t a plan for dancing or a need to fix anything … it just happened … and I didn’t stop it from happening!  I just experienced a tiny awareness that “AWE … this just may be another small step towards healing my heart!!!”  The movement was exactly what was needed … movement gets me out of the feeling of “stuck” … I was also intuitively guided to tap my heart gently while dancing.  Didn’t question it … no need to know why?  … just did it!!!  WOW … what a profound morning I’ve had!  All from asking one small trivial question!

  • “What IS one small trivial step towards healing my Heart?”

Go Ahead … I double dare you!!!  What small trivial question might you ask yourself today?  And then sit back and allow the answers to reveal themselves.

Changing lives … one small tiny step at a time,

Susan Seitz 

Certified Creativity Coach