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Work With Susan Seitz

Work With Susan

Mother Earth – the source of all creation shares her inner secrets and desires through a connected space. Tapping into this remarkable energy is available to us all.

Expressive Arts Workshops

From Intuitive Painting to Soul Collage or Painting Mandalas, you never know what new and exciting Expressive Arts Workshops Susan has up her sleeve!

Creative Coaching - Virtual One on One Session

Welcome to those who are searching and need a landing spot. My heart creates a safe space for you to explore and ask questions during this very difficult time of self isolation. Make room to be curious about the answers & share guidance that comes from within, during our deep conversation.

I am so glad you are here.  I am here in support for you.

Contact me here (button below) and let’s talk about how I can help you today!
Light & love,


Stay up to date with all of Susan’s exhibits and upcoming art show and gallery openings. 

Soul Travel

Travel, Sun, Water, Creativity and Renewal… where do I sign up?

My heart fills with gratitude as my paint brush unfolds and reveals a glimpse of the beauty that hides within.
In this moment I shall create … for to live a life without,
would deny my soul eternal grace.

Susan Seitz