Coming Home

30" x 36" | $1500 | Original | Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Photo Inspiration …
Who doesn’t love daisies!

Driving outside of Walkerton where I grew up, lives patches
of wild daisies along the roadside.

This particular one is high up on a bank and just
below in the distance is an old wooden barn just happy to be there!

The sun was setting – I crouched down … and voila, this perfect little homestead scene stole my heart.

Studio Reflections …
I think the dark needs to be acknowledged … just as I wrote that in my journal, the
song “Angel” came on by Sarah McGlauchlin
The dark is okay to be on this painting – in the fields – in my heart (an arrow points in
my sketch book to the mid tones in the field.)
There is liberation in the loose application
No need to conform
No need to abide
Bringing all the “mud” of colours onto canvas
Blend and scribble and allow flow to find its way without pre-programed thinking
Its so fucking liberating! Just Be with it – dance with it – name that grief and hold it to
the light – to transform its darkness into golden – the gold that holds on tight to the
existence that once was – and never forgotten.
This “feels” right – witnessing my own journey in the unfolding.

Shadows Gallery Show | Southampton Arts Centre

June 14 - July 4, 2021

“Shadows” is two separate bodies of work showing at once at Southampton Arts ~ “Up Close and Personal | A Healing Journey through Grief” by Susan Seitz (Walkerton) and “Come and See | Culture Oppressed” by Brent Henry (Saugeen #29).

For More Information Contact Southampton Arts Centre Website HERE or Call 519 599 5068

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