Stand By Me

36"x48" | $2,500 | Original | Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Photo Inspiration …
The photo reference to this painting was taken in the winter and the image was stunning. All the trees around this massive maple, including the branches, were covered in white snow. Everything looked as if it wasn’t really there, except the trunk.

This made me curious about other things we can’t see and how it requires faith to believe, just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.


Studio Reflections …
Stand alone tree – surrounded by so many, you just can’t see them.
They appear not to be there.
Loose – free the grief – movement in the brush work. Feeling the movement within.
When I feel stuck, I move into another story. Keep the dance moving gives the illusion
I’m not stuck. However, curious if the same “stuckness” will be there after I move to
another and come back to this one.
Stand alone tree
Unseen support
Individual Grief
Grieving unseen unlived unfulfilled relationships
Grieving unseen unlived unfulfilled love
Grieving for community
Grieving loss for our world, the earth, our community
The warm soft layers touched my heart as I washed thin, transparent layers creating a
depth and beauty that feels comforting.
Strong presence. I am here. We are one.
Together – we are one

Shadows Gallery Show | Southampton Arts Centre

June 14 - July 4, 2021

“Shadows” is two separate bodies of work showing at once at Southampton Arts ~ “Up Close and Personal | A Healing Journey through Grief” by Susan Seitz (Walkerton) and “Come and See | Culture Oppressed” by Brent Henry (Saugeen #29).

For More Information Contact Southampton Arts Centre Website HERE or Call 519 599 5068

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