This Heart of Mine

36" x 30" | $1500 | Original | Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Studio Reflections …

Stone in water – calm – this heart of mine – stuck – nestled in the sand.
Heart stone rock – Rockstar – Washing waves – Washing over – Washing flowing flow
over – Sand softness – light the light – Towards the open sky – Wash away my heart
souls pain – I love you

I want to lay
Like the stone in the sand
Nestled in
In the comforts of Sienna swirls
I want the waters
Washing over and around
Mending the longing

I want to lay
By the waters edge
In the softness of the still

I want to lay
Where the water flows
Healing the strain
Of my heart

I want to lay
In the open land
And drift
Like softness
Towards somethingI want to be
Still as the rock
Until its time
I’m Ready

Photo Inspiration …
while walking along the shores of Lake Huron this spring, I came across a heart shape stone in the waters edge where the spring run off was washing over it, heading out towards the bright lite sky.

Shadows Gallery Show | Southampton Arts Centre

June 14 - July 4, 2021

“Shadows” is two separate bodies of work showing at once at Southampton Arts ~ “Up Close and Personal | A Healing Journey through Grief” by Susan Seitz (Walkerton) and “Come and See | Culture Oppressed” by Brent Henry (Saugeen #29).

For More Information Contact Southampton Arts Centre Website HERE or Call 519 599 5068

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