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Creativity is the experience of being in the present moment, it is meditation, it is healing and it is magic.

I’m Susan Seitz and I’m so excited that you are here!

I am an artist, a creativity coach and an intuitive teacher. With over a decade of experience as an artist and facilitator of playful and healing art workshops for individuals of all ages, I truly believe in the power of creativity to bring more joy, healing and fun to all of our lives. 

Being in nature fills my soul. I am constantly inspired by mother earth – the source of all creation, who shares her inner secrets and desires through a connected space. Tapping into this remarkable energy is available to us all. My heart fills with gratitude as my paint brush unfolds and reveals a glimpse of the beauty that hides within.  

I do art to heal. I want to share that with the world and teach others how to find their muse in nature and bring creativity into existence to allow a safe space to heal. When words aren’t there, expressive arts can help.

Ever since I was a little girl, I used creativity as a form of meditation – a place I could show up and lose myself and find peace within. A place where, if I stayed long enough, I could heal from everyday stresses, anxiety & early childhood trauma. Sharing my gifts and wisdom with others is my destiny. I care about you and your creative process and it is so important to me that you feel safe at my workshops and that you have the freedom to be yourself and to explore and discover your own heart through expressive arts. My goal is not to “teach you” something…my goal is to facilitate an awakening that you are enough. That to be curious about our work is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. And that when our intention begins with love, all things are possible.  

Love and Light, 

Susan Seitz

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Susan Seitz is a master artist in her own right and has created a body of beautiful art, many pieces now in private collections all over the world. Her work is regularly showcased in Art Galleries throughout Southern Ontario.

Creativity Coach

Susan is a Certified Master Creativity Coach and Expressive Arts Facilitator who uses expressive arts (the creative process of making art), journalling, and SoulCollage® as therapeutic tools for people to explore and improve their emotional well-being. Susan provides a variety of arts experiences for all ages - from children's camps, to small group art explorations, to 1-on-1 healing journey facilitations. Susan has the integrity and ability to meet clients right where they are, without judgement or expectation, and guide them to new levels of self-expression and understanding.

Soul Traveller

Susan is constantly inspired by adventures on Mother Earth. She is hosting her first of many retreats February 2020 in Guatemala and would love for you to join her on upcoming retreats that combine the arts, healing, mindfulness and creativity, with joy, expression, exploration and a whole lot of fun.

Susan has an extraordinary ability to authentically connect with others. With tremendous compassion and sensitivity, she gave me creative space to explore my most vulnerable emotions. My soul feels calmer, my heart less troubled. I am forever grateful.

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