Local Artist, Susan Seitz, Announces Second Release of her 2020 Collection | Stand Still The Trees Know Where You Are

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

Mothers Resilience

24" x 48" | $1,000.00

One day the air was warm, spring birds were nesting and the sun kissed my face. The following day – heavy snow with frosted flakes descended onto the landscape and the earth was still once more.

My hike two mornings ago was an incredible one. There were blossoms in every tree and this one particular crab apple, was more than glorious. I remember standing before her in awe of her abundant beauty. Curious about how many littles she would be gifting the earth this spring.

The following morning, I was greeted with the unexpected bizarre weather of Colorado. I rounded the corner of the park and there she was. Her branches were bending, blossoms were sagging, and the tips of her existence touched a spot on the earth that had never been touched before. My heart dropped to meet her on the ground. How are these blossoms going to survive this unexpected trauma? What will the bees do without the nectar to feed from? How is this even happening?

Uncertain of the fate of this majestic sentient being, I hurried to put my hikers on and leashed up our bouncy pup and heading across town. The snow and ice were gone and to be honest, I was expecting to see all the blossoms on the ground. I rounded the corner once more, and there she was. Her branches were upright once again, the bees were buzzing with delight and the show of her white blossoms were bigger and brighter than ever! I stood under her canopy, gazing about, in awe of her recovery. The delicate dance of the blossoms were not to be mistaken for fragility. This tree was ready to bloom, regardless of what was about to be thrown at her. She bared the weight of the storm and found the power within, to stand tall and be all that she was capable of being. Her characteristics remind me of so many women, so many Mothers, who remarkably find their way through difficult times.

She touched a part of me that morning that I will never forget. My May painting is to honour the insights and the gifts I experienced that morning reminding me of the strengths and grace of our mothers. 

Today, I proudly present to you “Mothers Resilience”. I hope the softness of the pallet joining hands with the strength of her trunk, remind us all of what we are capable of in the most challenging times.

Standing with you,