Local Artist, Susan Seitz, Announces Third Release of her 2020 Collection | Stand Still The Trees Know Where You Are

Canadian Artist Susan Seitz June 2020 Collection promoting Mental Health Awareness

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

Wild Heart

Wild Heart | 36″ x 36″ | $1,000

Hiking in nature has always been my go to for balance and grounding and finding inner peace. I remember having a feeling of hopelessness and longing when I walked by this beauty. There before me, two trees growing together in the wild, supporting each other as if they were one. I couldn’t take my eyes off this untamed landscape.

It was like I was seeing myself with my arms around me, giving and receiving this giant hug! I could feel it. I was open to receive.

The connection to myself, to the earth, was strong. The hike was feeding my soul and in doing so, I was taking care of me.

As I painted, my feelings shifted from the strength of receiving to the compassion of giving.  It’s time to pass the essence of this embrace along.

Wild Heart was created to remind us how important self-love is.

Wild heart has survived struggle and emotional pain and also lives with a strong open heart that demands respect.



Wild Heart gives freely to others, extending their limbs with kindness but are willing to turn that love inward by setting boundaries. They embrace all of their humanness, (including the shadows) and live intentionally with a large dose of self-forgiveness and above all else, they know they are worthy of such kindness and embrace the truth ~ they are enough.

Self-love and compassion are key for mental health and well-being.

It is my hope that Wild Heart offers a reminder that the most important relationship you will ever have on this earth, is the one you have with yourself.

You are going to be with you your whole life.

Be wild and brave and turn that love inward and gift yourself what you so deserve.

From my wild heart to yours,


P. S. [From the Editor] – Be reminded, each monthly release in this 2020 Collection has been selling in the first day, sometimes within minutes of release. To purchase Wild Heart [36″ x 36″ $1,000] reach out to Susan directly at hello@susanseitz.com or use her contact form here.

Canadian Artist 2020 Collection JUNE Wild Heart original acrylic painting