Local Artist, Susan Seitz, Announces August Release of Her 2020 Collection

By Canadian Artist, Susan Seitz

The Giving Tree

30″ x 48″ Original Acrylic Painting On Canvas | $2,000
The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

Found along a country roadside of Bruce County, wild apple trees grow with cedar post fencing running alongside. You can smell the wind whipping through the leaves sending soft whispers to those who wish to receive.

This impressionistic painting of a row of wild apple trees was inspired from a photo I took a few years ago. The fascination with apple trees and apple seeds has been forever for me! Placing a tiny seed in the palm of my hand and imagining the powerful potential in just one little life force blows my mind. Healing, love, playfulness, joy, a place to rest, are just a few words to describe the memories I cherish and connect me to this giving tree.

The Apple Tree reminds me to be wild and free in my own offerings to this world. Sharing what I can, sprinkling healing & joy wherever I go and add a dash of playfulness, even when the world throws a pandemic at you. One apple seed holds so much potential. Let us not forget that the same can be found within ourselves.

Be Kind
Be JoY
Be Love

Yours in CReATiVe Spirit,


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